Alternative Software Other Than Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a software package that contains Office applications created by Bill Gates-owned company IE. Microsoft, lots of applications found in microsoft office, and some of the most commonly used are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. This software is quite popular and arguably there should be software on any PC or Laptop. Its a shame this one software prices quite expensive up to millions.

But over time, now an awful lot of software similar to Microsoft Office that you can make a replacement. In addition to having similar features of Microsoft Office, the following applications can also be downloaded for free - just an alias. Want to know what software microsoft office alternative? Here's the list.

1. WPS Office

Microsoft Office alternative software WPS Office was formerly named Kingsoft Office developed by Chinese company namely Kingsoft. This software consists of three main application i.e. WPS WPS writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet WPS as a replacement Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Have a simple and simply make it easy for users to use this software. Even this free software is readily available on various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Cisco iOS, and Android as well.

2. Libre Office

Then there's the Office version Libre refinement of OpenOffice. Libre Office developed by The Document Foundation (TDF), software consists of several applications i.e. Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math, and Base. Advantage software is as an alternative to Microsoft Office that can save documents in PDF form. Even this software is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X and Android as well. Even if you are using a Linux operating system especially Ubuntu, this software will automatically ter-install in it.

3. Google Docs
Alternatives to microsoft that this one is a web-based service developed by one of the largest companies i.e. Google. Features – features that are available on Google Docs is arguably fair is complete and can be used as a replacement for Microsoft Office. Google docs has three main application package i.e. Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Because the application is web-based office alternatives and should be online, then the results of the work of the mu will be automatically stored on the Google Drive. So it will be more secure and do not take up hard drive space. Google docs can be used for PC via Google chrome, Android, and iOS.

4. Zoho Docs
Arguably almost as much as Google Docs. Zoho Docs is also web-based, zoho docs is composed of several applications such as Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentation that could help our work. Zoho Docs is initially only support for Docs only but over his growing age, Spreadsheets and Presentation are also added. Zoho Docs provides a larger cloud storage i.e. 5 GB.

5. Polaris Office

Although the latter does not mean not having excess software developed by office Infraware polaris. Inc. that can be used for free, Polaris Office has modern and minimalist look of making it easier for its users. With this software you can easily edit or create a document. Even the polaris can be used to edit a file originating from Microsoft Office and also file formats such as TXT and PDF. This software is already integrated with several Cloud Storage like Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive. Polaris Office is available for Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS.

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