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For the fans of the world of the internet is of course familiar with the Blog, is a web application in the form of the writing contained in the postings and displayed through the medium of a website, then the writing in this blog can be accessed by all internet users, whereas the activity of editing or adding content on a blog is called blogging. Lately the blogging activity become part of the lifestyle of today's society, there are even too which makes blogging as a profession and mentions himself as a blogger.

How to create a blog? Well this time it was given little information how do I create a blog that is fast and easy, and certainly could be useful. Because making your own blog is indeed not difficult, you could even make it for free using the service provider's blog which is widely available on the internet. If it has been made, do not forget to register the blog into the sub domain websites so that incoming traffic can improve the performance of hardness, the website that you are administering. Well to get started making a free blog here are a few quick and easy website creation service provider blog.

1. Blogger
You must have been familiar with the provider of service blog on this one. Commonly called Blogspot because blogspot domain named top, blog service providers is the earliest standing in the year 1999. for those of you unfamiliar, make a web blog with blogger could be the right choice because it is very easy to use, you do not even need to be struggled to perform the settings for the sake of getting a blog with a good appearance. You simply set up a Google account to be able to create a blog on their website, then you live following steps-steps easy.

2. WordPress
The service provider is one of the most widely used blog. A full and exciting features make WordPress most popular to date. To use Wordpress to build websites, you simply register, then you will get 3 GB of storage, spam protection, and you are free to select a variety of themes, free services and many more that you can get. If you are hard-pressed to make the web through wordpress you can find various tutorials on the internet that are already widely available.

3. Weebly
Web creation service this one is no less well and not lose easily, weebly has a service-based drag drop quite so & easy and quick to use. Weebly was founded in 2006 and quickly steal the attention, even up to now more than 20 million websites and 1 million unique active usert every month. With its popularity weebly success was ranked best in the Alexa IE 279. for those of you who are interested in using it, perhaps you can try the weebly service.

4. Penzu
Maybe that is a little different, for you who want to make a blog with a touch of personal tastes Penzu could be the best option. Using Penzu you can create personal journals that you want, because user privacy more at first, maybe a bit short of penzu, i.e. less suitable if used as a business blog.

5. Tumblr
The other one – web services are no less fabulous Tumblr, Wordpress and Blogger are in competing, tumblr appeared in year 2007 and quite sucking attention, even many users mention tumblr as a super blog, for its ability featuring audio, video and text with ease. No wonder if tumblr becomes the most popular blog providers at this time. Has over 150 million online users and continues to grow to this day.

Website service provider making the last blog was Blog.comalthough this last in the sequence, the web does not mean it has no advantages, behind the simplicity of the name service is already widely used by millions of people in the world even considered the world's best service to date. You can give it a try, because is no less easy and quick to make a blog.

Create a blog not just to pour hobby only, but you can use as a promising business field, let alone this time many blog services we can pin to support the needs of such a blog Template, currently many web applications provides a template for the look of your blog, so it is arguably quite easy to build a blog.

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