Tips On Securing Social Media Accounts

Currently almost all circles have accounts on social media be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path, Pinterest, and probably most people have almost all the social media accounts, it is reasonable – reasonable only we have a lot of social media accounts, But what would happen if an account we have insecure aka easy in retas by people ignorant, of course it can invite to khawatiran.

In fact, social media is to interact with one another through video, photos and features – his features we can use social media as you wish, but beside that we also need to pay attention to our account amanan in using it, because it's already many of the cases, in which the social media account users complain because his account hacked by people who are not responsible, such as new – this new happening on Mark Zuckerberg, Tesage Perry and Taylor Swift, which reportedly account for their personal has been hacked. If the master or social media makers can hack let alone we as users? Hence how to keep our accounts safe from people-people ignorant? The following linkincube give way to secure your account from hackers.

1. Use Passwords at least 12 characters
The news that blow, OurMine Team expose that password Mark Zuckerberg for some social media accounts of her is the "dadada" This indicates that the Facebook CEO'S classmates still use passwords that are easily compromised, do you also use the password is as light as it is?

The password is the most important thing is to open up access to your entire account of yours, for it to take the time to create a long password in order to be strong. Make your password at least 12 characters, with a social media account so you will be more secure, at least this can complicate the hackers.

2. Use a combination of special characters
In addition with 12 characters, you are obliged to add a special character in the password you social media, because ordinary hackers will use "Dictionary Attack" with the action using the words in the dictionary to compromise your account password.

So try to use a combination of letters upper case and lower case, numbers, and special characters like @,%, ^, &, or **** * to create a strong password and anti hacker. If confused how do I create a password anti hacker, you can use the help application or web password generator.

3. Bede Bede's Account Password
Amid the trend of social media that increasingly mushrooming, we're sure you have many accounts on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, and Steller. So if you do not want compromised like Mark Zuckerberg, don't use the same password for multiple accounts on social media. One social media or email account, a special password. You are also not comfortable right when in the House there is a key that can open all the doors of your room?

4. Use the Password Manager
For most people, using the same password for different social media it's purpose is to make memorable. If you are a user that's easy to forget if having to remember lots of passwords, try using the help application password manager like Lastpass or Dashlane.

Dashlane, Lastpass password manager application, and the other would make it easier for you to manage many passwords. With the help of Dashlane, whenever you wish to login to social media, you no longer need to input password struggled manually. Simply use the master password only at the beginning. Easy is not it?.

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