Multimedia and Education

Multimedia studies is an interdisciplinary field of academics nowadays, which focuses on the understanding of technologies and cultural dimensions of linking traditional media sources with the newer versions of the same. Its scopes can be explained better if the term communication is blended with the visual part of it, or through the concept of communication design. This is because if communication refers to the need and practice of interaction with people around us so as to make sense of the world and to position ourselves in the widespread socio-cultural reality, designing is a science as well to create a plan or a norm, criteria or a custom, for the construction of an object, system or measurable human interaction in business and in society at large. In the complex digital environment around us today, such designing can be thus applied to all transactions that are possible between an individual and their environment and has become a powerful means of reaching out to the target aud

Computer Network Topology

Over a period of time, computers have become an indispensable part of businesses. Installation of computers, their support and maintenance are services all organizations require. As businesses grow, the number of computers in the organization also increase. It becomes imperative to establish a systematic way to connect these computers so that they function in a hassle-free manner. Therefore, computers are interconnected in various ways. This is the concept of a computer network. What is a Computer Network? A computer network can be understood as a number of computers connected together to share resources. The most common resource shared is the internet. Other resources can be printers, file servers, etc. The computers in the network may be connected through an Ethernet cable or wirelessly through radio waves. Now we will see how the individual computers in a network are connected: Computers connected in a network are referred to as nodes. Star Topology In this case, there is a central

A List Of The Best Browser Save Battery

Battery life is always calculated on a smartphone in every sense, one application needs and applications such as web browser berkomputasi that be worth taken into account, many assume the battery is discharging wasteful because web browsers and so on might just be this trigger, if so how do I respond? Let alone computing needs with the smartphone a priority which cannot be separated from the activities of the day – today. Here's a list of five applications web browsers that don't drain the battery power and arguably the browser – the browser is good enough for use in smartphones. 1. UC Browser Currently the first maybe you guys are familiar with browser this one. UC Browser is indeed well known well enough to be used in smartphone android specifically, this browser friendly and can save battery power you, besides the display which is easily understood making us more practical to use it. 2. Next Browser This browser has a beautiful display is unfortunately less kindly on

Create a Free Blog Service

For the fans of the world of the internet is of course familiar with the Blog, is a web application in the form of the writing contained in the postings and displayed through the medium of a website, then the writing in this blog can be accessed by all internet users, whereas the activity of editing or adding content on a blog is called blogging. Lately the blogging activity become part of the lifestyle of today's society, there are even too which makes blogging as a profession and mentions himself as a blogger. How to create a blog? Well this time it was given little information how do I create a blog that is fast and easy, and certainly could be useful. Because making your own blog is indeed not difficult, you could even make it for free using the service provider's blog which is widely available on the internet. If it has been made, do not forget to register the blog into the sub domain websites so that incoming traffic can improve the performance of hardness, the website

Success Tips So Admin Social Media

Play social media may have been okay, but what if you become an admin on social media? It is certainly going to be an exciting experience to be lived, other than as a hobby become an admin could certainly add other insights that benefit. When you decide to become an admin in a social media, then you must learn some tips to success, so that you can work really useful for others. Much needs to be learned and known as admin social media, because this work is indeed does away with the consumer. But if you really want to learn and try to be a good admin would of course have to input a lot of information that can be poured in the works, one of them a variety of tips, which may be useful for you to learn. The following steps of successful social media becoe a admin. 1. Company Profile This mandatory initial step you notice, know you need to learn about company profile in order to adapt properly, so you will have no trouble when control social media, in this way also you will easy to post

The Exact Time of Posting On Social Media

Make more posts on social media does is not a difficult thing, quite an interesting word in figures as well as a unique picture will certainly invite interaction on our posts, but it's not just that alone. Social media is indeed always lively interaction, but that does not mean you can do more posts in the time that you like and expect direct responded quickly and widely, there needs to be that you should know as it was called Peak time, or a time where a social media is being banyak-banyaknya in user access, even this time span could not be ditapuk equally between one social media with each other. It was clear if each social media have different peak time, according to the behavior of its users, for that this time we will discuss the appropriate time to do a post on some of the renowned social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Instagram. If you do a posting at this time, it is not impossible luck will come to haunt you. 1. Facebook Social media faceb

The Difference HTTP and HTTPS

HTTP and HTTPS protocol language code is familiar to internet users, because on each link that refers to a website is definitely menggukannya. This code is also often on the encounter as we were about to do browsing or opening a specific Web page. We are asked to type the code at the beginning and ends with a colon and slash twins when we perform the desired Web page browsing. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application layer network protocol that is used for distributed information systems, collaborative, and use a lot on the retrieval usage hipermedia resource connected with the links referred to with documents while that form the World Wide Web in 1990 by the British physicist Tim Berners Lee. Http is a protocol which provides a command in intercultural communication networks, i.e. networks of communication between a client computer with a web server. In this communication, computer clientmelakukan request by typing in an address or a w